Handling operations efficiently across vast geographies is a challenge for enterprises in both public and private sectors.

To handle these challenges KAIINOS delivers enterprise level solutions to economically improve the operational efficiency.

Geographic Information Systems - GIS

GIS enables enterprises to incorporate geographical information (or location information) into their decision making to achieve better efficiency and upscale the operations into virgin geographies.

KAIINOS with experienced team is well versed in implemting fullscale GIS applications for enterprises. Products developed here support users to extract knowledge, from raw data coming out of variuos levels of the operational hierarchy, which helps them to gain edge over their competitors.

Location Information generated from raw data provides Deeper Insights to the users to build a sustainable Economy for the enterprise.

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Geospatial solutions

Integrated solution development and enterprise specific customization services go hand in hand in GIS and Remote Sensing. We offer consultancy services for development of enterprise specific applications which enhance strategy making to gain control over operational geographies.

In order to enable enterprises take advantage of location information generated in their day to day operations we offer services in Geospatial Process Development and Implementation

Geospatial solutions developed using Open Standards provide interoperability, scalability and security

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